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You’ve just adopted the most adorable new puppy, or maybe even an older dog from the shelter or a rescue.  Awesome.  Now you go to the local pet store and pour over the food dishes, leashes, and collars. You pick out the perfect tag and have it engraved with the name that you muddled over in your head for days while thinking about picking up your new baby.  Gotta make sure you get some food and treats too, so you grab a bag of food that has a name you have heard before a million times in commercials or that your parents fed your childhood dog.  I mean – it’s by a company that has been making dog food for ages and it says new and improved and it has the word “Healthy” in the name.  How can I go wrong?  And those chewy bacon-flavored treats will be something they love.  All set!  Let’s head to the check out and start our happy life at home! 

Hold on!  Don’t you want to know what is in that food?  How about those treats?  This furry, face-licking, frolicking bundle of love depends on you for their meals and treats, and it is important if you want to keep them healthy for as long as possible that you pay attention to what is in their food.  Here are just some of the ingredients that are in dog food and treats that are allowed by the food and drug administration (FDA):

Wheat or Corn (including Wheat or Corn Gluten) – while both of these are capable of sustaining your pet, they do nothing to help them thrive.  They have also been known to be a source of allergens and hard to process for many dogs, giving them really uncomfortable gas which is unpleasant for both the pet and those that share the room with them.

Meat -  Now hold on!  How can you question this?  Of course, meat is good for your dog!  But what kind of animal did that come from and what part of the animal is it?  Dog food and treat manufacturers are very sneaky about how they word the ingredients that lead you to believe your dog is getting better than they are.  Unless it specifies the type of animal, “meat meal” could be just about anything – you will never know.  "The raw ingredients used in rendering are generally just leftovers of the meat, poultry and fishing industries. It is known that the temperatures used in rendering may also alter or destroy natural enzymes and proteins found in these raw ingredients. These facts indicate there is potentially wide variability in nutrient composition of the final product that ends up in pet food. In fact, the nutritional quality of by-products, meals and digests often varies dramatically from batch to batch."  (Dr. Donna Spector on  So basically, you want to make sure that Fluffy is getting the good stuff, not the bones, feathers, beaks and….well, let’s just leave it at that.  You get the idea.

Flavoring -  Yep, flavoring.  Now logic would dictate that if the dog food has a specific meat as its protein source that it would not need a flavoring added to it.   It should taste like chicken, beef, or liver because that is what it is made from.  Just like your favorite lemonade drink has artificial flavoring (if you weren’t aware of that, you should be), lots of pet food manufacturers have resorted to adding flavorings because of the poor quality of the ingredients that are in the food.  And the treat industry is guilty of this as well.  Recently I went on a discovery expedition to my local store to discover just what some of the ingredients were in some very popular and trusted dog treats.  I hope you aren’t reading this over lunch.

Animal Digest -  Just about as repugnant as it sounds.  “As defined by the Association of American Feed Control Officials, digest is produced by the chemical or enzymatic hydrolysis of clean animal tissue that has not undergone decomposition.”(Wikepedia).  So, what you have here, in the case of these “snappy” liver flavored treats is a flavor that came from soaking the animal meat in chemicals to create a soup that is liver flavored.  Why not just use the liver itself?  Oh yeah -  that would cost more and they must look out for the bottom line.  Trust me when I tell you that the big companies are typically not looking out for the best interest of your new companion, they are doing the minimum to avoid a lawsuit.

Propylene Glycol - Ok you ask, but what about those soft chewy treats that look like hunks of steak or chicken?  Once again, not a good idea.  What keeps those treats so soft and chewy is Propylene Glycol.  A close cousin to Ethylene Glycol which is much more toxic, it is still used in more friendly versions of anti-freeze.  Yes, you read that right.  It is used in anti-freeze.  The FDA has approved it as “generally recognized as safe” and it is used as a humectant, meaning it keeps things nice and moist.  I don’t know about you, but “generally recognized as safe” doesn’t fill me with warm fuzzy trustful feelings.  Your best bet, SKIP IT.  Your pet can live much better without soft squishy treats.  Besides, crunchy treats will also help clean their teeth.

The bottom line when it comes to pet food and treats is this.  These wonderful creatures come into our lives for such a short time already.  They count on us to provide for their well-being.  What they eat, their everyday health, and amount of exercise they get are in our hands.  For many of us they are our kids.  We go out of our way to make sure they are getting the best.  Awareness and knowledge are key in keeping them healthy.

We here at Mooch’s Munchies recognize and relish how special that bond with our pets are.  We have made it our mission to ensure that the products we produce are of the highest quality.  We vow to never put in fillers or glutens.  You won’t find artificial coloring or flavorings.  We use real freeze-dried chicken breast in our chicken treats.  We will never use meals or by-products.  No rendered fats in our products.  What you will find in our cookies is a high-quality treat for your dog that is made to appeal to your dog’s tastes.  Quality is not cheap, but it is worth it.  Your dog’s health will be better for it and they will live a better life because of your good choices.

Now grab some cookies, a tennis ball, your new furkid and hit the dog park!  Time’s a wastin’!

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B.O.W. Wow! The Irish Setter

Who is our lucky dog this week?  Why the Irish Setter of course!

With Sunday being St. Patrick's Day we thought there would be no better time than now to spotlight the beautiful Irish Setter.  A majestic looking dog with lots of energy, this breed is perfect for those with an active lifestyle that the dog can participate in, an avid hunter, or those who enjoy a farm life. 

The Irish setter first appeared in Ireland in the 1700's.  It was a mix of the Old Spanish Pointer (otherwise know as Setting Spaniels) and the Scottish Setters.  The original Irish Setters looked very different from today's standard.  They were white with large red spots, where today's champions are solid red in either a rich mahogany or copper coloring.  Their coat should be glossy and straight with fine hair that will need regular brushing to keep it from getting matted.  If you don't have the time for maintenance you can always keep their hair groomed shorter (but they are so pretty with their full coats!).

The life expectancy of the Irish Setter is from 12 to 15 years and they thankfully tend to be a breed that doesn't have a lot of genetic issues.  Some things to watch for with them is possible hip dysplasia and gluten sensitivities (although it is generally a good idea to avoid gluten for any dog breed).  According to the breed standard you can expect a fully grown male to be approximately 70 pounds and a fully grown female to be around 60 pounds.  They are gentle and usually do well around children.

The Irish Setter was originally bred to be a hunting dog and is classified in the Sporting Group with the AKC.  It's keen sense of smell helps it to locate the game birds that the hunter has shot and will "set" to show it's master where to find the prey.  The nature of a dog that was bred for hunting means that you will want to give it  lots of exercise to burn some of that rambunctious energy.  If you are not able to be home a lot or go for long walks, this may not be the breed for you.

Lots of celebrities have enjoyed the love of the Irish Setter.  No less than 3 US Presidents have owned them!  Harry Truman had Mike, Ronald Regan had Peggy, and Richard Nixon had King Timahoe who they called Tim for short.  Carl Wilson from the Beach Boys had an Irish Setter named Shannon who inspired a song of the same name by singer/songwriter Henry Gross after she passed away in the 1970's.

So if you are looking for a sweet-natured, trainable, natural redhead, look no further!  You have found your breed. As always, look for responsible breeders or check with rescues in your area.  There are many purebreds that can be found waiting for their forever homes.  And if you do get a dog, remember that they are for life.  Know that you will give them all the love and care they deserve, and they will give you all the love and devotion that they can.  

We thank you for following us and sharing our posts.  Your support helps us to grow ant to help all dogs live longer, healthier lives.  To show our appreciation, click on the 3 little lines in the upper right corner of your screen or go to and when you check out use code IRISH at checkout and receive $5 off your order of $10 or more (limit one offer per email address please)

Peace, love and cookies to all!

Kellie the Cookie Lady (and lover of dogs!)

BOW WOW! Let's hear it for DACHSHUNDS!

Probably one of the easiest dog breeds to recognize, Dachshunds are built low to the ground but are amazingly sturdy dogs.  I would describe them as a big dog in a small dog body.  Ranked #13 by the American Kennel Club for popularity, these 4-legged, furry sausages are great companions and wonderful watchdogs.  They are spunky, curious, clever, courageous, and loving.  They are extremely loyal to their owners  and are great family dogs.  Dachshunds are known to be very stubborn though so if you are thinking of owning a doxie, be prepared to show them that you are in charge.  We here at Mooch's Munchies are just a bit partial to this breed as our Mooch is a dachshund mix.  At home I am known as the "Alpha Dog" and while my husband can move freely about the house, if I stand up from my chair all eyes turn to me.  Mooch and his little brother Red (a full blood mini doxie) insist on following me everywhere I go.  And I do mean everywhere.

Dachshunds originated in Germany and the breed was first recognized by the AKC in 1885. The breed was one of the first 6 original breeds in the club.  It's precise origins are still questioned and many believe that they were bred down from Basset Hounds while others think it was the Dandy Dinmont Terrier.  In fact, no one is sure.  The dachshund is a hound that hunts like a terrier and has the best qualities of both.  The dachshund is part of the hound group, but wasn't always listed as a hound.  They started out originally in the Working Group, then were moved to the Sporting Group before landing in the Hound Group.  Dachshunds are the only breed to win Best In Show in all three categories, although they have never taken the honor at the Westminster Kennel Club  show in New York City.  (They came close this year though!) 

The name Dachshund means "Badger Dog" in German and they were bred to be hunters.  That hunting instinct still holds true even for those who live in the city. Because they were bred to hunt small game like badgers and rabbits, they LOVE to dig.  Those paddle feet were made for it  and their short legs make them perfect for going down rabbit holes.  That love of burrowing live in their blood and your blankets will never be your own again.

The breed standards establish two different sizes and three different coat types.  There are Standard Dachshunds that stand 8 to 9 inches tall and weigh 16-32 pounds.  The Miniature Dachshund on the other hand only stands about 6 inches tall and weighs under 11 pounds.  Don't let their size fool you though, they believe they are a big dog.  You will get a strong barking watchdog when you own a dachshund.  There are three coat types for the breed as well, smooth coated, long-haired, and wire haired.  The dachshund comes in a variety of colors from the classic black and tan, to red, to fawn.  There are also dapple and piebald.

The dachshunds popularity shows at the yearly "Wiener Nationals" that are sponsored by the fast-food chain Wienerschnitzel.  2018 also saw a Dachshund Museum open in Germany.  Many famous celebrities have owned dachshunds, including Brigette Bardot, Elizabeth Taylor, David Bowie, Audrey Hepburn and Jacques Cousteau.  Pablo Picasso had a dachshund he named "Lump" (see photo above) and he immortalized him in some of his paintings.  Of course we can't forget Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund who now has his own empire and a couple of loving humans to run it for him.

Doxies LOVE to eat and will take every opportunity for a treat or to sneak your food when your back is turned.  For that reason it is very important  that you watch them and their weight closely.  An overweight dachshund can easily have back issues.  That is one of the downsides to this breed.  Because of their long frame they are very susceptible to IVDD (Intravertebral Disc Disease).  IVDD can come on quickly and it can cause severe back pain, partial loss of function in the limbs and in more severe cases - paralysis and loss of feeling.  Keeping your doxie from jumping down off of the bed or other high places helps them to avoid injury.  Ramps and stairs for beside your bed and couch are a great option.  With proper care you can help avoid this painful disease.

A dachshund's lifespan is generally 12 to 16 years so you can expect many years of love and affection  from these wonderful furry friends. As with any dog breed, remember that when you adopt them, they are for life.  Make sure that you can give them all the love and care that they deserve for their entire life.  Regular vet visits and good healthy food will give them the long life that their long little selves deserve.  One way to help with that is Mooch's Munchies.  Our treats are a real food alternative to the chemical and preservative laden fare at the grocery store.  While you are here on our website please check out what we have to offer.  Use code BOW WOW at checkout  and we will give you a $5 discount on your first order (limit one discount per email address)  We know you have options and we appreciate your business.

Now go out there and have a simply WIENERFUL day!

Peace, Love and Cookies

Kellie the Cookie Lady

Breed Of the Week Wow!

Or as we are calling it..... B.O.W. Wow!

We absolutely adore dogs.  Big or small, we love them all.  There are some amazing breeds of dogs out there and no matter what your preference you can most likely find a dog to fill the space - tall, short, shaggy, hairless, feisty or friendly.  Now don't get us wrong, we are serious about adopting and fostering, but no matter how much of a mutt your mutt is, it has a gene pool and knowing what end of the pool your pal has been swimming in can be the difference between a happy life or a lot of frustration for you and your dog.  Knowing what the strengths (and weaknesses) of a breed are can help you make a decision on the perfect pet for you.

We all love puppies.  They are ridiculously cute and there is nothing better to me in the world than puppy breath.  But just because  they are tiny and cute now doesn't mean that they are a good fit for your family or living conditions.  Before you scoop up that little bundle of fluffy love and head home, ask yourself some questions.  Will I have the time to train and housebreak the pup?  Will I have a safe area for the dog when I can't be there?  Is this breed more independent or will it require lots of attention?  Are my children at an age that they can safely interact with the dog?  How much grooming is involved, and can I afford it?  So much is hanging on making the right decision.  Rescues see cases every day of dogs that didn't work out with their families for a myriad of reasons.  It is heartbreaking to see a dog that has never had a haircut, covered in dirty mats and barely able to move.  Or a dog that is just too energetic to be an apartment dog that gets abandoned because it barks too much or causes damage due to separation anxiety.  Before you go shopping for a new family member (and that is what they are), do some research.  We want to help with that!  Our blog will give you some insights into different breeds and their needs, and as an added bonus, you get to learn about some really neat dogs!

Unless you are planning on making your dog into an AKC champion,  we highly suggest looking at rescue for your new fur friend. Thousands of adorable, adoptable dogs are in shelters around the country or in rescue, and all are waiting for their forever homes.  Some have a ticking clock on their chances to find one.   Despite what many people think, you can find purebred dogs in rescue all the time!  Three of our four dogs came from rescue and two are purebreds.  We don't have registration papers for them and they are not "show quality" but we didn't care.  We love them like crazy and they are so happy to have a quality of life that they didn't have in their past situations.  There are lots of great resources to find these dogs, one of them is  You can specify what breed you are looking for and even the sex and age.  Then you enter your zip code and you will see all the dogs that are looking for forever homes in your area.

If you are wondering why the adoption fees seem so high for rescue dogs, consider that  the rescues take in all sorts of dogs, from those who are perfectly healthy but just need to find a new home, to those who have medical needs and will have crazy vet bills.  All dogs that are taken into a reputable rescue go to the vet to have a basic exam, shots, spay or neuter, and most likely a dental before they are even put up for adoption.  All of these medical things are necessary and expensive, and the rescues are always having fundraisers to try to keep the bills paid.  So the adoption fees of $300 to $400  help to keep the doors open and the lights on for the next poor dog that needs help aren't that excessive.  It also insures that the adopter isn't just in it for the cute dog, but for the long haul.

So, now that that is out of the way, I am excited to start this journey of learning more about the specific breeds that are a part of this crazy planet.  Follow along and learn with me as we delve into the Wonderful World of Dogs! 

Next week we start with Dachshunds!

It's been a year!

It was actually almost two years ago that Casey and I were sitting at a friend's beach house in Cayucos, CA, enjoying the lovely May weather and relaxing when an idea hit us.  We had just finished a stroll on the boardwalk where this small dog-friendly town had people with their pets going from store to store, a bowl of water set out by the doors so the dogs could get a drink whenever they needed one.  Cayucos is also home to the Brown Butter Cookie Company, an amazing little shop that was started by a couple of sisters and on just about any given day you can find a line out the door of people buying these amazing, fresh cookies.  What we noticed though that was that even though the town was extremely dog friendly, there was no dog store.  Sitting back at the beach house we were talking about it a bit and threw around the idea of how fun it would be to open a store across the street for dogs with a sign that said "Well YOU got one!"  We laughed and didn't think much more about it as we went about our day.  My brain however, unbeknownst to me, put it on a back burner and let it stew.  It seems that I get my best ideas, (including some of our most popular recipes) in my sleep.  I woke up the next morning, looked at Casey and said, "We could call it Mooch's Munchies!" after our adorable black and tan doxie mix Mooch.  The tagline "They're TOTALLY PAWSOME" followed a few moments later, stated in my best surfer accent.

It was still just a fun idea as we drove back home to Las Vegas.  After all, neither of us had ever run our own brick and mortar business, had no idea how to start one and no idea on how to fund it.  Even though we liked the idea, the beach was at this point in time out of the question financially for us.  But the seed had been planted and was trying desperately to take root.

Our Boston Terrier Abby, who just turned 11, has had stomach issues for as long as we have had her, and I have cooked for her most of her life.  Mooch, who is 7, has never eaten anything but home-cooking until recently (more on that later).  I had also started making treats for them as well.  I tried different recipes to see how they would do but they either had too much fat or oil or spoiled too quickly or got crumbly and didn't hold up well.  Store treats were loaded with chemicals and preservatives and were out of the question since they exacerbated her stomach issues.  After our idea I threw myself even harder into creating recipes that would work for our dogs.  I also farmed out the results to family, friends and neighbors with dogs and asked them for feedback on the cookies and the dogs reactions.  I spent hours doing research on the different ingredients that go into dog food and treats and  was appalled by what I found.  The more we learned and talked, the more we realized that Mooch's Munchies needed to exist for the health and well being of the dogs.

In September of 2016, Casey's job circumstances got rearranged and he needed to make some decisions regarding his retirement funds.  We discovered that you can roll them over into a ROBS (Roll Over for Business Startup) retirement account.  It is complicated, but it did make it possible for us to be able to bring the dream to life!  So, in October of 2016 Mooch's Munchies Inc was founded.  As the next several months flew by we quickly got educated on licensing, permitting, equipment, marketing, research, DEMOLITION and lots of other things too numerous to mention.  We set up our online store with pictures that we took on our cell phones and of our friends and families dogs eating our treats.  We learned to use Facebook to reach potential customers and Instagram to find even more people who wanted to feed their dogs the best cookies they could find.

And so it came to be that on April 15th, 2017 (I day) Mooch's Munchies website officially opened for business and the front doors of our shop were opened.  It only took eleven months from concept to open and we started out with 10 flavors of our gluten-free, real food dog cookies.  Each one is cut and baked by hand by a crazy couple that just wanted to see the dogs be happy, healthy and thrive.

We have continued to grow and change and evolve, and I have had to scramble to make sure that I document the path that we are taking because I know that there will come a day when no one will believe how this amazing little dog cookie company got started.  One thing that will never change is our vision.  WE will always make sure that your dog is getting the best product that we can bake.  Real food, gluten-free and chemical free, a treat that you can have confidence in when you give it to your pet.  We also want to make sure that it is an affordably priced treat.  It shouldn't break the bank to feed them well.

If you live in the Las Vegas area, please come join us and help us celebrate this amazing milestone on Sunday, April 15th from 12 noon to 6 pm.  We will be making pupcakes for the dogs, refreshments for the humans, raffles, discounts and more.  Paws On My Way Home Rescue (Mooch's Alma Mater) will be there too with lots of their adorable dogs waiting for their forever homes.  The store is located at 101 S. Rainbow Blvd. Suite 16 and we would love to meet you and your fur babies.  If you don't live in the area we haven't forgotten you!  Just shop online here at the webstore and use code BIRTHDAY at checkout to get 25% off of your order.  

We know there are a lot of choices out there for your pets.  If you don't choose ours, please make sure what you do choose is a good healthy one for them.


Love and cookies.


Kellie the Cookie Lady

Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Pets

There is a lot of excitement in the air as we ready ourselves for another Holiday Season.  You may be traveling to visit  family and friends, or they may be coming to see you.  Amid the hustle and bustle of it all we just want to remind you that it isn't business as usual for your pet either.  A little bit of preparation could mean the difference between a Happy Thanksgiving or an avoidable tragedy.

Everyone knows that dogs don't always make great culinary choices, so it is our responsibility to do it for them.  Holidays bring lots of rich foods, as well as lots of bowls of snacks sitting around on coffee and end tables.  We all also have that one family member  who insists that "a little bit won't hurt them" and is most likely going to sneak them a bite or two of a no-no food when you aren't looking.  We have a great story about our Boston Terrier Abby, who earned the nickname "Cheese-It" when at a gathering at our house our guest asked, "Is she supposed to be doing that?".  We looked and were appalled that she was nose deep in a snack bowl of the crackers, eating as fast as she could, knowing that she was in trouble for doing it but having no regrets either.  She had never done anything like that before, but for some reason dogs seem to get a new sense of ambition when there are people around that don't know the rules.  There is no reason why you can't gently remind your guests of the rules for the dog and perhaps even mention if your furbaby has tummy issues that could be triggered by a well -meaning mouthful of yummy.

If you have a dog that tends to table-surf, we would recommend giving your dog the day off in a quiet room or you will need to be vigilant and hire the kids or another couple of people to help you keep an eye out.  You can't be everywhere at once, especially if alcohol is served.  Dogs can be poisoned easily by unattended drinks and you and your dog's day can be quickly ruined by a trip to the emergency vet.

Remember that a dog's digestive tract is sensitive to a lot of things, so giving them lots of table scraps could end up with a sick pup.  Most holiday meals are loaded with butter, onions, garlic, raisins, yeast and wheat, none of which are good for dogs.  You could have a dog that would either be throwing up or having diarrhea, neither one feels good.  A bit of Pepto could help if this happens, but avoiding the situations would be better altogether.  If you want to share some of your holiday meal with the family dog, then cut up a small amount of turkey and put it on their regular food with a few (not much!) dribbles of gravy.  As for dessert, avoid giving them human treats.  Of course, we here at Mooch's Munchies offer great treats for dogs and even have come up with a Pupkin Pie option that lets them have a healthy slice along with the family.  Whatever you choose to share with your pets, make sure it will be a treat and not a trick.

One last thing to watch out for is escape artists!  Lots of people coming and going may not get the door closed as quickly as necessary.  Does your dog like to explore the neighborhood unattended?  They might easily escape undetected and get lost.  Make sure that your dog has their collar and tags on if they don't wear them daily.  It could help them find their way home again.

All of these things are important to make sure that everyone enjoys their day.  We here at Mooch's Munchies hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving.


Love and cookies,

Kellie the cookie lady